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Various Artists - The Lizard Den EP [SEMID010]

Various Artists - The Lizard Den EP [SEMID010]

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Label: Semi Delicious

Manami kicks off the EP with a heads-down 4x4 acid trip that brings more bleeps and bloops than you can shake a wand at! The Bristolian trailblazer shows of a sound that is taking the underground scene by storm at the moment; a late night, jet-fuelled ride with no emergency eject button!

Demi brings his archetypal low-slug Italo-house inspired boogie magic. ‘Tutukaka’ is
filled to the brim with classic Roland drum machine grooves and percussion,
immersive pads and a poignant FM bassline that is steadily becoming the hallmark of a his instantly classic sounding records.

Inner Zone take a moment away from their busy DJ schedule to write ‘Lunar Trick’. An intergalactic breakbeat voyage that embodies their warm, analogue studio
productions. Acid leads, chunky bass and a hefty kick that’ll bring a breeze through
your hair.

Manuel Darquart close the release with ‘Track A’, echoing ideas that are at the root of the Semi Delicious sound. Lush percussion and phasing chords wander through a
hefty drum groove to make this the perfect soundtrack for your next Piña colada on a sunny beach break!

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