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Toumba - Rosefinch EP [HJK001]

Toumba - Rosefinch EP [HJK001]

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Label: Hypnic jerks

Amman-based Toumba announces Rosefinch, his first EP on wax, and the debut release from London-based record label Hypnic Jerks. His next release will be on Hessle Audio and then Nervous Horizons. His first release was a digital EP through All Centre. Toumba is one of the creative minds behind MNFA, Jordan's most important underground music venue. He serves there as a booker and curator, bringing the likes of TSVI, Giant Swan and Parrish Smith to the venue. He is also a nationally respected artist and holds a residency at the MMAG Foundation in Amman. The foundation works with a selection of the most gifted artists in the Levant. By sponsoring Toumba's ongoing artistic practice, MMAG has furthered his research into Levantine music, which he synthesises with avant garde and electronic music. He is a resident on Movement Radio in Athens and formerly Ma3azef Radio, with guests including Ben UFO, aya and Gabber Eleganza.

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