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The Fontanas - The luxury of Time [MOV025]

The Fontanas - The luxury of Time [MOV025]

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Label: West One Music

2020 offered space and time to buckle down and finish the much anticipated second album. 2021 sees brighter horizons as the band head back out to perform the album on the road. Summer highlights include a main stage festival performance at WOMAD, Wiltshire Uk.

The album forms a collection of tracks with vocals by Fontanas lead vocalist and sambista Kay Elizabeth (Love Be The Weapon, Fuel To My Fire, 21st Century Fall, Instamaniac. Gavin Skeggs and Rich De Rosa feature on (Devil and The Deep Blue Sea) and Sam Fontanas takes lead on (Pot Of Gold, The Luxury Of Time & Don't Give Up)

The Fontanas is the production vehicle for writer producer Sam Fontanas and delivered by a collective of London based musicians and friends who have shared over ten years of musical adventures.

Performances on the album include.

Guitars, keys, bass guitar, production and lead vocals - Sam Fontanas
Lead vocals - Kay Elizabeth, Gavin Skeggs, Rich De Rosa
Keys - Carl Hudson, Andrew Noble, Edu Bisogno
Bass guitar - Magnus Box, Diego Rodríguez
Electric guitars - Terry Lewis, Bobbie Quigley
Saxophone - Paul Silver, Ben Hadwen
Trumpet - Dave Boa, Paul Jordanous
Trombone - Dave Liddell, Tom White
Drums - Jimmy Norden, Jari Salminen, Alex Reeves
Percussion - Marcos Santana, Oli Saville

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