TBZ - OG Beers
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TBZ - OG Beers

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Unhelpfully, there seems to be very little information out there about the identity of TBZ; a producer specialising in "raw cassette outtakes" whose previous output has been limited to a handful of appearances on compilations and multi-artist EPs. OG Beers is the mystery artist's debut full length and contains 13 shots of hardware-heavy machine music.

While rooted in electro and distorted machine funk, the set is notable for its alluring eclecticism. Those with a wide musical knowledge will be able to detect audible nods towards skewed cold wave, Moon B style boogie fuzz, Miami Fuzz, post-punk dub disco, mutant hip-hop, weirdo electronica and sludgy, guttural electronica - all smothered in oodles of tape hiss and analogue machine noise. BIG!