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Soothsayers Meets Victor Rice & Friends [REDE018]

Soothsayers Meets Victor Rice & Friends [REDE018]

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Label: Red Earth Records

Specially selected 8-track vinyl version of Soothsayers' project with New York-born, São Paulo-based producer-engineer-bassist, Victor Rice. Soothsayers Meets Victor Rice & Friends features 8 instrumental recordings, lovingly assembled between London, São Paulo and Lisbon.

Four uplifitng instrumentals plus their sumptuous dubs all mixed by Victor Rice

The project blossomed from earlier sessions in São Paulo for Soothsayers’ vocal album ‘We Are Many’ and continued across continents and technologies during dark days and uncertain times , strengthening the already powerful musical connection between Soothsayers' incredible core musicians and some of Brazil's top musicians, resulting in a whole new set of uplifting and defiant instrumentals.

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