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Shame - Drunk Tank Pink [DOC204LP]

Shame - Drunk Tank Pink [DOC204LP]

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Label: Dead Oceans 

Drunk Tank Pink is the kind of second album artists only dream of writing. Somehow, frontman Charlie Steen and the rest of the South London band have managed to not only provide a fresh new sound to their original hard post-punk sonics, but the do it in a way that will only embolden their fans to proclaim Shame the best band around right now. The album may have been a nod to the colour of pacification, but it’s clear that Shame are anything but restful, this band are ready for a brawl.

The story goes that everything from prison cells to psychiatric wards were painted a sickly bubblegum pink after a sociological study in the seventies proclaimed the colour to be pacifying. With their tongue firmly in the collective cheek, Shame have used the juxtaposition of the album’s title to devastating effect. Across the record, the band seem determined to cause trouble.

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