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Parassela - Botmi [MATERICA002]

Parassela - Botmi [MATERICA002]

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Label: Materica

BOTMI Is the second act of Materica and wears the name of the fateful trio Parassela, formed by Blawan and The Analogue Cops, which have reached their sixth release together.

Their 4 original tracks composed, mixed and produced in Berlin during a furious session just before the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic feature their too fast and too funky combination of heavy analog processing hardware, modular exaggeration, high digital tech discomfort and paramilitary drums.

This work is an anxious assertion about the ideological bankruptcy of a so-called tired music industry that seems too contrived and refined for the antagonistic younger generation; a business model against the seminal anti-capitalist nature of Techno.

Rudis Materia, owner and founder of the newborn Materica label, with his geared music towards the techno-industrial genre with drone and EBM influences. His approach to the remix was different from the typical one:he decided not to take as the only reference one of the 3 tracks but rather the concept behind the EP. Then he sampled from the 3 tracks and from there he shaped his reinterpretation of BOTMI.

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