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Oliver Hart - The Many Faces Of Oliver Hart [RSE23LP]

Oliver Hart - The Many Faces Of Oliver Hart [RSE23LP]

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Label: Rhymesavers Entertainment

Did you know Micheal "Eyedea" Larsen – one half of the progressive hip hop duo Eyedea and Abilities – once released a solo project under the moniker Oliver Hart? Fresh on the heels of winning three of the most notable MC Battles of the time – Scribble Jam (1999), Rocksteady MC Battle (2000) and the nationally televised HBO Blaze Battle (2000) – and the release of his debut album with musical partner DJ Abilities, First Born, Eyedea was inspired, intent, insatiable. He used most of his earnings from those MC battles and the group's rigorous touring schedule to build himself a home studio and teach himself how to record and mix records, and in less than a year's time, he returned to share the fruits of his labor. Originally released in 2002, The Many Faces of Oliver Hart or How Eye One The Write Too Think was written, produced, recorded and engineered by a 20-year old Eyedea (aka Oliver Hart). Featuring the songs "Weird Side", "Here For You", "Step By Step" and "Bottle Dreams", which Complex named as #11 on a list of the best songs ever released on Rhymesayers Entertainment, the album was a diverse body of work that demonstrated Eyedea could not be easily defined, nor should he be.

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