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Lurka / NKC x Bakongo / SUDS / Zoë Mc Pherson - LV VA 12-1 [LVVA12-1]

Lurka / NKC x Bakongo / SUDS / Zoë Mc Pherson - LV VA 12-1 [LVVA12-1]

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Label: LAVALAVA Records

Four cuts on an upfront slab of wax for turntable enjoyment ahead of a big compilation entitled ‘LV VA’, which is to be released in due time, showcasing music from over 30 artists, from almost as many locations.

This sampler 12” sneak-previews four of the more energetic, off-kilter (brain) dance tracks ahead of the full release…

For example, the bitcrushed grime of ’Jackpot’, a highly infectious piece of freak music that perfectly defies proper categorisation, produced by the unlikely, but even-better-for-it, pairing of Wilted Woman and Christoph De Babalon, together as SUDS.

Then there’s that big bass mutation of ‘Alva’ a high-pressure soundsystem time-bomb that crosses between dancehall, grime and tekno, produced by Zoe McPherson, proving once again that rhythm can be exploratory, full of intrigue, and hard-hitting at the same time.

There’s also a big, bashy linkup from UK Funky veteran Roska as Bakongo, alongside one of the ’Hard Drum’ pioneers, and now Bristol-resident NKC who has been pushing that sound to deadly effect. Together, they created ‘Teardown’, a pure, undiluted drum tool, reduced strictly to to the most hard-hitting, and dance-able rhythmic elements.

Last, but not least, one of Bristol’s finest crafters of dancefloor sonics, Lurka has delivered a prime example of his highly intricate, low-slung production style with ‘Patterning’ a lean cross of chuggin’, fizzin’ hi-tek dancehall, filled with heaps of funk and a deadly amount of bassweight.

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