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Inner Zone - JV sports [THEBRICKS007]

Inner Zone - JV sports [THEBRICKS007]

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Label: The Bricks

Inner Zone’s debut EP on The Bricks affectionately reminisces the past - time travelling through dreamy breaks and acid to 90s rave – while remaining firmly rooted in the present.

The ‘JV Sports EP’ marks the seventh release on Anna Wall’s imprint and it’s a long time coming; the trio have been producing together for over five years and only now is their music finally seeing the light of day. Alex Anderson, Rupes & Dr Baird met in London during the years of the Make Me loft parties in 2013-15; their history in the clubs an audible influence within their productions. This EP was started back in the days of bleary-eyed late nights in 2015 and finished in 2020, a distinctive trip through styles reflecting their broad taste.

In the studio they are fond of hardware; the classic sounds of the Roland JV-2080 can be heard in ‘JV Sports’, the X0xb0x 303 for the acid line on ‘Reality Grid', and the Kawai K5000S features on synth duty in ‘The Last Arpy’. Alec Falconer ramps up the BPM for the remix, delivering an unmissable breaks version that craves for a dancefloor.

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