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Benge - Polyrythmic Electronica, EP [SOO UN]

Benge - Polyrythmic Electronica, EP [SOO UN]

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Benge - Polyrythmic Electronica, Vinyl, EP.

LABEL: System Of Objects

Benge is the influential electronica artist who launched the Expanding Records label in 1995. Polyrythmic Electronica is one of the underrated gems from Benge's discography, opening the series of re-issues from digital to vinyl on the new System Of Objects imprint.

Now a little bit about this release from Benge himself:

"I made this extended player back in 1997, when my studio was still in the living room of my first house. The tracks were made on my fledgeling electronic studio using a combination of Roland 808 drum machine and Moog Modular IIIC synthesiser, an Akai S950 sampler and my trusty Atari sequencer, plus a bit of Lexicon LXP1 and Quadraverb for good measure.

The idea I had back then was to use traditional
 electro-music equipment and compositional tropes, but to try and twist them into unconventional and hopefully interesting new territories. It was something I continued to explore over my following albums, most of which eschewed conventional 4-4 beats and rhythms.

As a side note, "Polyrythmic Electronica" was spelt wrong on the original release, due to a typo on the artwork that went unnoticed until after its release, and we decided to honour that original error on this new reissue, as one more enjoyable glitch in the system, something I have always happily embraced"

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