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African Voodoo - Manu Dibango [SMV6]

African Voodoo - Manu Dibango [SMV6]

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Label: Soul Makossa

Hot Casa present a reissue of Manu Dibango's African Voodoo, originally released in 1972. A fantastic and rare album by the Afro soul maestro. These files were recorded in 1971 at Pathé-Marconi studio (Boulogne-Billancourt) for professional sound illustration intended for the cinema, television, and advertising. At the time, jazz musicians were interested in and experimented with all genres, and started to convert solely to what soon to be called "rare groove", somewhere between soul, jazz, and Afro funk with a hint of Latin clave. These tunes have not aged and the sound will be considered as "huge" by many cratediggers. These recording were not supposed to reach the club or radio audience, they were freer sessions, a moment for the musicians to open their imagination and test their "Afro something", like Manu Dibango liked to say. These recording sessions included the best of the French soul scene at the time: Yvan Julien (trumpet), Slim Pezin (guitar), Jacques Bolognesi (trombone), Lucien Dobat (drums), Emile Boza (percussion), Manfred (bass), and the conductor himself at the vibraphone, marimba, saxophone, organ. This album is a wonderful return to the future and should satisfy the need of the Afro soul aficionados. Mastering by The Carvery.

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