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Zenk - Alma Negra EP [MCRB005]

Zenk - Alma Negra EP [MCRB005]

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Label: Micro Orbit Records

Micro Orbit gets to the mini-milestone of five releases with two new tunes from Zenk and a VincentIulian remix. First up is the high speed but sleek minimalism of 'La Taqueria'. It's a tune embellished with a rich sound palette that lends it a lush and warm feeling as hurried kicks, detuned keys and gurgling effects all add detail. The remix is a subtle one that works on tripping you out as sounds ever so slightly evolve and change shape, while 'Alma Negra' closes with layers of toms, glitches and voices all ding a great job of sounding like Ricardo Villalobos at his best.

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