Willma Archer - Scarecrow [WEIRD108T]
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Willma Archer - Scarecrow [WEIRD108T]

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Label: Weird World Record Co

After composing and writing for the likes of Jessie Ware, Selah Sue and Jeramiah Jae, the release sees Archer shift focus back to his own work. Easily the most daring, original and virtuoso music he's made to date, ‘Scarecrow’ takes Archer’s prodigious musicality to a whole new level, moving from the languid, elusive soul of his earlier works towards a more dynamic, robust form of modern instrumental experimentation.

The track is composed of a number of different movements each of which see a different instrument take the lead, eventually building to a gorgeous crescendo. Both ‘Scarecrow’ and ‘Cures and Wounds’ were composed, arranged and produced by Wilma Archer.