Various - Tiny Planet Vol.3
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Various - Tiny Planet Vol.3

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Tiny Planet is back in business, Volume 3 returning to the geographical roots of Planet Euphorique. Four genre expansive tracks, hot-off-the-press Canadian content bringing all new artists to the PE sphere. The record is split from East to West, Montreal to Vancouver, providing an array of audio delights primed for diverse dance experiences. 

Starting in Montreal, the A side hosts a deep, sensual dripping opener, “Gutted Honeydew” by duo Mutually Feeling. Steady, rolling breakbeats slung behind melt-in-your-mouth vocals of silk, the blooming bassline forming a modern day classique. The flirtatious essence carries to the A2 with Pascale’s “Fly Zone”, bubbling into an irresistible, bouncy analog jammer. Lights flashing; surging stabs of colourful harmony. A sleek, smooth and playful track ordering you to la discotheque stat! 

Heading West to the B side, the mood swing is sinisterly jacking in Vancouver. Sludge laden “Are You Done Yet” by Overland showcases a hot and distorted acid hypnosis, weaving in and around a driving repetition of drum-work, deceptively low tempo for the momentous percussive progression and evolving sonic squelch. Sigsaly busting in to finish it off with the fully fledged hammering techno hit you needed, “Carve” B2-big room, XL rhythmical head-rush. Stomp to the beat!
  • Tracklist:

  • Mutually Feeling - Gutted Honeydew

  • Pascale Project - Fly Zone

  • Overland - Are You Done Yet?

  • Sigsaly - Carve