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Various Artists - Multi Culti Solstice Axial Tilt [MC057]

Various Artists - Multi Culti Solstice Axial Tilt [MC057]

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Label: Multi Culti

Multi Culti tune in to earth’s axial tilt in the second round of its flagship 12” series with EQUINOX I: The global occult label kick off the seasonal shift with a magical collaboration between Mexican chug-guru Iñigo Vontier and Moscow based brothers Simple Symmetry. ‘Hocus Pocus’ is an anthem for the fuzzy-minded, post-lockdown party-goer. It’s a mesmerizing merger of contemporary electronics and vintage psychedelia. We don’t know much about Ponty Mython, but their sound is right at home on this eclectic record. A freeform flea-market of samples strewn around a broken beat, strung together around a catchy melody, ‘Pinto La Meah’ has an optimistic feel, a subtly nostalgic sense of travel and discovery that suits the global groove collecting theme

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