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Various Artists - Moon Faze Sun Gaze II [MCLP003.2]

Various Artists - Moon Faze Sun Gaze II [MCLP003.2]

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Label: Multi Culti

The dawn of Multi Culti's astrological epic assault kicks off with exotic neo-hippie modulations from Von party, Red Axes, and 'The Australians' - Dreems, Ccolo, Nick Murray & Kris Baha. 

In pole party position of A1 on Vinyl #1 is 'Wet Raga' from Cult Leaders VON PARTY & DREEMS - This sprawling, 13-minute, raga-sampling main-room odyssey powers us into sunrise...and the journey begins.

Prolific maestros RED AXES then kick things into darker territory with Boosha Gdola, a squelchy bleep-fest straight out of the Israeli underground.

On the flip (which could be titled 'The Oz side') DREEMS comes up to bat again with the herbal Sine 'O' The Tymes, squeezing the groove into an acid genie bottle, bumping along with a few lazy cowbells in tow, until finally giving us melodic finish. Masterful. We are all feeling this one.

Fellow Australian doof dingos NICK MURRAY & KRIS BAHA bring up the tempo, toting electrified guitars, and hypnotic grooves that speak to a lifetime of overhearing digeridoos.

Finally, Ccolo sends us off with F33lings, a curious mix of lush ambient electronics and bush-ready downtempo acid.

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