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Label: Tomas Crow


Tomas Crow is a London based artist, producer and multi-instrumentalist who with in a few short years has produced music
for Coldplay, Noel Gallagher, Ringo Starr,
Zak Starkey and Michael Kuwinuka among
others. His versatile and eclectic style garnered him a 2021 Grammy Award for his role as sound engineer on the album Got To
Be Tough by Toots & The Maytals - winning
that year for Best Reggae Album.

Now set to release his solo, studio album
SUPERSUPERFICIAL, a piece inspired by
his deep rejection of the excessive current
of information that Crow feels is suffocating
contemporary society. The project began

in a small room during London’s Covid lock-
down but was finished in the sprawling West

London recording studio of Coldplay. As a
producer and an engineer, Crow was hands
and feet into every step of the process; he
skilfully blends distorted textures and gritty
sounds with acoustic instruments, analogue
synths, field recordings and vocals into dark
and melancholic structures. SUPERSUPERFICIAL is Tomas Crow’s personal representation of a futuristic world, where data
is everything, blinding and numbing us, Crow
explores the point of blurred lines, where we
wonder what is real and what is not? What
matters and what is just Superficial?

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