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The Pilotwings - Une Nuit Au Boxboys [MMLP003]

The Pilotwings - Une Nuit Au Boxboys [MMLP003]

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Label: Macadam Mango

A new master piece is coming on Macadam Mambo, presenting two young guys from the « Lyon » scene where the label is based, called The Pilotwings. They were instantly noticed last year with their smashing first EP Agorespace released on the young BFDM imprint, creating the buzz with strong break tracks in a super fresh spirit.

This time they’ve let all their great inspiration take over, to deliver a strong piece of Chicago oriented House with tribal and Japanese influences, the 707 is never too far, and a sexy male voice brings you into the moist backroom of this club named  Boxboys. Essential.

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