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Steevio - Acatalepsy [FS025]

Steevio - Acatalepsy [FS025]

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Label: Firescope

In one of this week's more interesting offerings, we have Mindtours/Freerotation co-head Steevio making an appearance on Steven Rutter's esteemed FireScope Records with this excellent four track EP. On Acatalepsy, the Wales-based producer finds a balance between the deeper and more hypnotic strains of techno, while incorporating IDM and jazz influences. From the soulful and meditative deepness of 'Tarantism' which leads in to the meandering polyrhythms of 'Cynefin' and ending with the mesmerising chimes of 'Intonation' when you can really hear the pure voltage of his well known and extensive modular synthesizer setup.

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