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Squid - Bright Green Field [WARPLP314]

Squid - Bright Green Field [WARPLP314]

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Label: Warp Records

At last the debut album from Squid and it's everything you wished for and more. Bright Green Field is produced by Dan Carey and released via Warp Records. It's an album of towering scope and ambition, it is deeply considered, paced and intricately constructed. With all band members playing such a vital and equal role, this album is very much the product of five heads operating as one. Some bands might be tempted to include previous singles on their debut - and the band already released two more in 2020 via ‘Sludge’ and ‘Broadcaster’ - but instead Bright Green Field is completely new. This sense of limitlessness and perpetual forward motion is one of the the key ingredients that makes Squid so loved by fans and critics alike, from BBC Radio 6 Music who have A-Listed previous singles, Houseplants, The Cleaner and Match Bet to publications such as, The Guardian, NME, The Face, The Quietus and countless others.

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