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Sorry - 925 [WIGLP40]

Sorry - 925 [WIGLP40]

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Label: Domino Records

The Elvis Presley costume Asha Lorenz wears in the video for Sorry’s "Rock 'n' Roll Star" is closer to a last-minute Halloween costume than a genuine impersonator. Dancing and skipping through rainy streets, Lorenz exudes the same combination of sarcasm, silliness, and begrudging cool that runs through her band’s debut album, 925. Though they’re barely famous yet, Sorry act like they’re already over it. The London band’s sound is omnivorous but austere, absorbing elements of post-punk, pop, and jazz into a tongue-in-cheek, deeply self-aware update on indie rock. Few new rock bands seek to telegraph their most cliché ambitions so clearly—they aren’t even the first to call a song “Rock 'n' Roll Star”—but few bands are as ambitious as Sorry.

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