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Sohn - Rennen [CAD3708]

Sohn - Rennen [CAD3708]

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Label: 4AD

Running, the title translates as, and to be fair it seems as good a response as any to the year we’ve just had. Between the grim reaping and the political turmoil 2016 had us looking more than once at sneaking out in the night for a cave in the Alps, before we realised just how screwed we were by the exchange rate.

Sohn, though, has gone further still, fleeing Vienna for LA and then Bon Ivering to an isolated house in northern California for solitude and songwriting, fusing the chilly, glitch-strewn R&B of 2014’s Tremors with the massive skies and paranoid twitch of the West Coast. It’s a cultural shift that’s evident from the off, in “Hard Liquor’s” sleazy cinema of addiction and brooding, factory beats - a song written for someone else but right at home on an album that ranges from finger-snapping harmonising to Warp Records-esque deconstruction, those jagged angles on the cover reflecting a tracklist that takes more than a few left turns.

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