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Shlohmo - Dark Red [TRUE-111]

Shlohmo - Dark Red [TRUE-111]

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Label: True Panther Records 

On the plus side, everyone has access to everything now, but on the downside, most people can’t figure out what to do with all the information. In electronic music, producers often borrow glibly from a range of styles and eras to show off their libraries, but mainly come off as dance-floor tourists.

Shlohmo could have gone down this road. For about six years, he’s been releasing music that’s rooted in hip-hop but tempered with the reserve of the moody electronic music of the 1990s. On his 2011 debut album, “Bad Vibes,” the results were slippery and sometimes sleepy. But on a series of EPs since then — including "No More”, a rousing collaboration with the fluttery R&B singer Jeremih — he’s refined his approach, making music that’s both more elegant and more driven.

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