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Ricardo Villalobo - Ricardos Villalobos Remixes Low island [EILP15]

Ricardo Villalobo - Ricardos Villalobos Remixes Low island [EILP15]

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Label: Emotional Interference 

For fans of off-kilter, minimalistic dance music, there is little more exciting than seeing the words "Ricardo Villalobos remix" printed on to the label of a brand-new record. For all his faults, Villalobos rarely delivers a duff rework, and he's once again hot gold with these revisions of experimental art-rock ensemble Low Island. He first tackles 'Feel Low Again', reinventing the indie-rock cut as a low-slung chunk of woozy minimal techno full of drifting vocals, bubbly electro bass, distant cymbals and snare-heavy beats. On the flip Villalobos reworks 'Don't Let The Light In', offering a slightly less dense and undeniably energetic take full of oddly-tuned electro bass, glitchy sounds, hazy chords and layered vocal samples.

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