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Rex the Dog - Sicko [KOMPAKT322]

Rex the Dog - Sicko [KOMPAKT322]

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Label: Kompakt

A triumphant return to old form after classic bangers like PROTOTYPE (KOMPAKT 92), FREQUENCY (KOMPAKT 102) or MAXIMIZE (KOMPAKT 145), but also a bold step in a new sonic direction: Kompakt ally REX THE DOG presents his latest offering SICKO - a brand new 12" packed with two incorruptible rabble-rousers that hit the floor right behind the ears, employing sharply focussed thrust and dramatic sweeps to stunning effect.

Having started out with just one synth in 2004 - the same vintage Korg 700S that was used by Mute Records founder Daniel Miller for his legendary "Warm Leatherette" outing -, REX THE DOG knows perfectly well how to squeeze the most out of a limited set of sounds. A growing intimacy with analog gear finally lead the producer to design and build his very own array of modular synthesizer components, including a sampler fittingly called RTD-001.

Armed with this barn-storming DIY attitude, and using gear he made with his own hands, Rex pulls two strikingly muscular rabbits out of his hat: the A-side's title cut SICKO is a raw, pounding cut-up fest that builds a scary amount of tension just with a few distinct elements, while the flipside's KORGASMOTRON loads up its bleep-ridden chassis with a succulent, sweeping vocal and some well-placed acid drops. Both tracks showcase a leaner, cleaner, but also meaner approach to dance music, making this a particularly thrilling entry in REX THE DOG's oeuvre.

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