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Reekee - Anthology EP [ANMA005]

Reekee - Anthology EP [ANMA005]

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Label: ANMA 

For ANMA’s fifth release, Reekee aka Italy’s Riccardo Masi has produced a classic cut of uplifting house, quintessentially jamming a thunderous rolling groove with soft jazz piano. Ecstatic synths unleash their primal screams throughout before the Hammond steps up and raises the bar! Remixer Ricardo Miranda cooks up a veritably frantic electronic jungle of idiosyncratic pulsing square waves and marimba voodoo soup, before Vick Lavender takes over the B-side with nigh on ten minutes of organically blissful jazz and groove experimentation. Vick’s Mix comes rooted with percussive breaks and a solid evolving rhythm section and is brim-filled with sleazy vibes, tender electric licks and rapturous synth pads swelling us into elation! Lovingly pressed on 180g vinyl, hand stamped and labelled.

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