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Ray Kandinski & Karl Lumont - Project Chicago EP [CMPL002]

Ray Kandinski & Karl Lumont - Project Chicago EP [CMPL002]

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Label: Complet

Every tune of the 12" is deeply inspired by the origins
of the mid 90s melodic Jungle & D'n'B movement, namely by the greats of that era: Peshay, Source Direct, LTJ Bukem and Photek.

Ray & Karl have worked together on a number of projects over the last year, the most recent one being a split 12" on 'The Other Planet' of Lyon. While Ray has
been connected to the Lo-Fi House scene and acts like Baltra, DJ Boring and DJ Seinfeld, Karl has been more low-key, producing music that's relaxed and organic,
mainly inspired by naature and the musical movement around Frits Wentink and Max Graef.

For this release they worked closely together, decided to stray off their usual paths and combined their different styles to form a well-rounded record.
'Make Me Feel So Good' does just what its name implies. With a rising pad chord, a syncopated break and a soothing vocal, it is the perfect opener for this vinyl.
The second and name-giving track of this EP, 'Project Chicago', samples the surely most-often heard piece of Brian Eno and transforms it to a relaxing yet uplifting track
that takes you back to the days where you could easily make a cup of tea while you waited for a website to load.

The B-side unfolds with the most acute drum-programming on this release and a fairylike lead vocal, moving you to 'Feel It'.

To conclude this 4-tracker, Karl delivers a very interesting mix of organic Arps and nature sounds and punchy breaks. The deep subbass-line will resonate through your whole once you hear this one on the dancefloor.

a1. Ray Kandinski - Make Me Feel So Good

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