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Petros Klampanis - Chroma (Jon Dixon Remix / Alex Attias Edit) [VISIO045]

Petros Klampanis - Chroma (Jon Dixon Remix / Alex Attias Edit) [VISIO045]

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Label: Visions Recordings

PETROS KLAMPANIS is a Greek bass player and when we heard his track “Chroma “on Bandcamp we had instantly the idea of a remix or working with him. The original track being live gives a sort of spontaneous vibe that really caught Alex ‘s attention and had the “edit / version” idea already in his head.

Without the shadow of a doubt this track was perfect to be remixed by a real musician who can understand complex jazz arrangement, so Jon Dixon came up. Jon loved the track too and did his thing. Two versions here for you to dive deep into jazz and electronic music. We hope you dig the sound of this project and enjoy the listening and maybe the dance experience with us. We will keep pushing forward the various styles and soulful grooves with an open mind and expand our visions.

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