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Perko - The City Rings [NMBRS64]

Perko - The City Rings [NMBRS64]

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Label: Numbers

Field recordings mesh with quick, jittery beats on a short-but-sweet record that zips through electro, dubstep and drum & bass. The City Rings begins with field recordings of Copenhagen—ringing bells, cars, people talking, sirens blaring. Putting aside the ambient interludes, each track explores a different genre. "Stutter" is sleek electro, Copenhagen-style. "The Reason" is drum & bass made of space-age polymer. We get the EP's best track, "Pippin," two different ways. The "Version" is dislocated dub, while the original is straight-up dubstep with a satisfying thud, yet still with the neat design of Perko at his best. Not many artists could make a record where every track is a different genre, and every track sounds like them.

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