Peach - Fortune One [FORTUNE 001]
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Ms Cookys
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Peach - Fortune One [FORTUNE 001]

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Peach launches her new label Psychic Readings with something rather special: a fine two-tracker that provides both bass-heavy late-night sleaze of swirling, synth-laden positivity. Check first A-side 'Eclipse', a tough but tactile and malleable affair in which an attractive, spacey synth melody, star-fall musical motifs and bubbly TB-303 style electronic pulses dance atop a bouncy bassline and a punchy drum machine rhythm. It's kind of rushing and surging, but also a little laidback and pleasingly groovy. Over on side B, 'Ms Cookys' is a head-mangling late-night delight, with subtly spacey pads, cut-up vocal snippets and glitchy tech-house electronics riding a tough-as-teak beat and deep, sub-heavy bassline.