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Parris - Soaked in Indigo Moonlight [FEELYRHEART]

Parris - Soaked in Indigo Moonlight [FEELYRHEART]

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Label: can you feel the sun

Today, London born and raised artist Parris announces his much anticipated debut album, Soaked in Indigo Moonlight. The full length release is due out on 19 November via can you feel the sun, the label he co-founded with Berlin based producer and DJ, Call Super.

Regarded in the scene as a slow-burning unique talent, Parris’ discography includes releases via The Trilogy Tapes, Wisdom Teeth, Idle Hands and Hemlock all of which helped him carve out his own distinctive place within the contemporary electronic music landscape.

The album is a sharp piece of storytelling that weaves together stripped-down, club rooted pop, expansive experiments in rhythm and a sense of air and space that allows collaborations to flourish. In a eulogy to friendship and skateboarding, Eden Samara turns Skater's World into a carefree anthem. James K's vocals breathe a frayed hopefulness to closer falling in the waves. Alongside these two rising talents, Carmen Villian and Call Super contribute with symbiotic visions that underpin the ideas and spontaneity at the heart of the record. It is an album that is difficult to imagine ever coming from anywhere but London steeped, as it is, in the wilful desire for idiosyncrasy that lies at the heart of the best of UK culture.

Parris aka Dwayne Parris-Robinson says on the album: “The only constant truth is change. This is a record about understanding yourself. This is a record about finding the support you trust so you can have the confidence to start building. It is a record about friendship. About hanging out, about skating. This is an album built on Pop, then torn into my thing. Charli XCX, Lana Del Rey, Frank Ocean, Kewngface, Digga D, SL, Unknown T, Vince Staples, Lil Peep, Denzel Curry and Emmy the Great: if you’ve known me then you’ve known these are the reverberations in my head. I write music in blue, this album is my indigo. They say only moonlight shows your true reflection, that is the light of this record.”

Growing up in Hackney and Tottenham, two very racially diverse areas and two of the most economically deprived in the city, Parris looked inwards while creating Soaked in Indigo Moonlight and asked himself “what does it mean to come from this place and make music?”. From an early age Parris dedicated himself to club culture, never missing a week at FWD>>, the club night where a generation of bass and techno DJs made their names and was constantly tuning into Rinse FM. Immersing himself into the distinct sound of London built the foundations of the productions we hear today, with grime and drum & bass bubbling alongside slick pop references.

Parris concludes that his music is shaped not just by his hometown, but also by those with an adventurous spirit who have found their way to the capital: “I wanted to make an album that was about the connections that fuel life, about relationships, about play, about the possibilities of rhythm, about joy and serendipities and who knows what will happen but let us see? So here is that story, here is that place. Soaked in Indigo Moonlight.”

As the fog from over a year of lockdowns lifts, this talented producer is stepping out with his most impressive body of work to date and a whole new sense of direction and purpose.

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