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Pariah - Caterpillar [VOAM009]

Pariah - Caterpillar [VOAM009]

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Label: Voam

Considering his prominent presence in the modern techno scene, it's sometimes surprising just how few solo releases Pariah has put out since breaking through more than 10 years ago. A lot of his time is taken up with his Karenn collaboration with Blawan though, and together they've shaped out the sound of their Voam label with a string of EPs and the 2019 album Grapefruit Regret. Now it's time for Pariah to step out on his own, and he's presenting a sound which aligns with the playful twists on techno Karenn are known for, but there is a different energy at work here, too. Slightly more measured than the madcap stylings of his collabs, on Caterpillar Pariah takes us into a precision tooled techno dungeon without losing that spark that makes so much of his prior work so hugely popular.

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