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Otik - Crystal Clear / Rainbow Rhythm [K7415] (PRE-ORDER)

Otik - Crystal Clear / Rainbow Rhythm [K7415] (PRE-ORDER)

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Label: !K7 Records

Hailing from Bristol and based in London, Ashley Thomas routinely passes the storied music heritage of both cities through his own singular, prismatic filter. As Otik he produces brilliant and complex hues, forming compositions from weightless neon-tinged trails, richly layered melodic webs and inky, subaqueous bass lines.

The prolific artist recently created his own imprint, Solar Body, to accommodate the expanse and volume of his unfettered productions; now with his !K7 Record debut, Otik deepens his sonic explorations for the label he credits as a crucial discovery portal.

“CRYSTAL CLEAR” is inspired by a personal epiphany, and it shines through with sparkling clarity. With the unmistakable signifiers of dancehall in its bassline and drum programming, Thomas turns these references outwards and upwards, finding a new expression with glistening drops of cosmic colour, gauzy pads, and soft crescendos of cymbals.

Despite coming in hard and fast with a bruising 130BPM bass rhythm “RAINBOW RHYTHM'' evokes a positively disorienting kaleidoscope for Thomas, courtesy of its sugary, euphoric synth sounds. It is a balance of hard and soft, leading heavily with drums throughout, contrasted with the track’s delicate and sweetly warped melody.

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