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Endless Suburb - German Army [NATURAL054]

Endless Suburb - German Army [NATURAL054]

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Label: Natural Sciences

Exotic noise and uneasy ambience
German Army is a two-piece from the San Gabriel Valley and one of the loudest voices in the underground tape scene. Raised on Sydney Possuelo and Paulo Freore, their catalogue seeks to critique U.S imperialism and nationalism while bringing attention to endangered culture and ecology around the globe.

Typically inspired by their muses, Brazilian explorer/social activist/ethnographer Sydney Possuelo, and educator/philosopher and Paulo Freore, and their inherent anti-imperialist critiques of USA and nationalism, SoCal’s German Army duo rock into a quietly hypnotic swirl of tape loops and droens here hearkening back to original industrial and experimental gestures by like of O Yuki Conjugate, Bourbonese Qualk or their near namesakes German Shepherds.

 Possessed by clammy atmospheres, twilight melodies and enervated pulses the album veers from ritualistic ambient to strung out exotica arabesques that all hint at echoes of influence from the West Coast’s industrial ambassador Monte Cazzazza for an absorbing 12-track session

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