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Mount Kimbie - MK 3.5: Die Cuts | City Planning [WARPLP319I]

Mount Kimbie - MK 3.5: Die Cuts | City Planning [WARPLP319I]

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‘MK 3.5: Die Cuts | City Planning’ shows how Dom Maker and Kai Campos have grown over the past decade and demonstrates the two sides of Mount Kimbie’s aesthetic coin - each side produced entirely by either member.

Dom’s side, ‘Die Cuts’, is colourful and melody-led, thriving on the spark of collaboration; Kai’s, ‘City Planning’, is tactile and unpredictable, the product of a deeply personal aesthetic voyage. The two sides complement each other through their contrasts. But in other ways they’re not so different. Both artists present a unique vision which stands apart from their peers; neither side could have been made by anyone but Mount Kimbie.

The outcome of this creative journey is ‘City Planning’. Wild, warped and loopy, the album twists avant-garde signifiers from on and off the dancefloor into a deft and refined statement. Its sleek beats and stuttering arpeggios are caked with scuzz and personality, making for an album that’s warm and inviting even at its most confrontational.

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