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Manuel Darquart - Turbo Shandy [SEMID012]

Manuel Darquart - Turbo Shandy [SEMID012]

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Label: Semi Delicious

Manuel Darquart is the London-based New Zealander who has impressed with outings on the likes of Wolf Music Recordings, Infinite Pleasure and Seb Wildblood's Coastal Haze. This time out he serve sup big Italo house tunes for the cult white label Semi Delicious. This is music with proud synth work and nice rough-around-the-edges drums, plenty of fills, retro 80s samples and a subtle nostalgia that makes them all there potent. 'For You' is one of our favourites for its perfectly blissful post-rave ambiance over deep drums, but 'In The Club At 5 am' also perfectly lives up to its name.

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