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Lord Jabu - Yagoda [ALBION007]

Lord Jabu - Yagoda [ALBION007]

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Label: Albion Records

Lord Jabu synthesises solid-state trap with 64-bit dream-ware in his crystalline 3-track release, ‘Yagoda’.

In ‘Folklore’, colourful cubist polygons dance festival-drunk beneath bouncing wicker lanterns. ‘Threehead’ goes grim, watching ritualistic, purple-toothed ogres bang distorted djembes. ‘Yagoda’ burrows deep into the core of TV-static nostalgia, fusing emotional revelation with lighter-lifting dancefloors.
Electrifying the murky, the lost and the lonely, Lord Jabu’s debuton Albion Collective opens the dancefloor up to a full-scale adventure.
--Written by Cleary Mallard

A. Lord Jabu - Threehead
B1. Lord Jabu
 - Folklore
B2. Lord Jabu - Yagoda

Release Date 31/05/2019
All tracks written and produced by Lord Jabu
Artwork by Richard Klippfeld
Mastered by Beau @ Ten Eight Seven
Manufactured by Well Tempered
Distributed by Unearthed Sounds Ltd

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