London Elektricity - Rebuilding Better Worlds [NHS44LP]

London Elektricity - Rebuilding Better Worlds [NHS44LP]

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Label: Hospital Records

Kickstarting the album with a delicate, soul-drenched liquid drum & bass soother is Hugh Hardie with his remix of original album influencer ‘Build A Better World (feat. Emer Dineen)’. Delving deeper into London Elek’s unique style and Emer’s synesthesic vocals, Hugh crafts heart-wrenching piano melodies and gorgeous rolling breakbeats injecting his signature flavours into the track.

With no clear indication of their true identity, the latest mystery to sweep across the world of drum & bass CLIQUES step up for an addictively feel-good remix of ‘The Prescription Is Love’. With a handful of releases on their own ‘Cliques Collective Audio’, the faceless artist(s) have already taken the scene by storm and their latest remix proves exactly why. Featuring a full live band, expect elevating brass outbursts, Philadelphia strings and blissful vocals.

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