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Jane in Palma - Safety Net

Jane in Palma - Safety Net

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I started recording this LP in 2016 right after I put out the Primitive Thoughts LP a deep dive in to the cathartic state of disconnection and the subsequent realizations that accompany isolation and inner discovery.

Safety Net has been a long time journey, writing about the message behind the music. Focusing on a a much needed change, on a independent and personal level. I have been positivity influenced by others who do this.

Why the broccoli, ginger, turmeric, liquorice root etc in the photo? During this recording process I continued to dial in and understand my diet and consumer habits, by staying far away from meat, cheese, excess sugars, etc etc by doing that my body started to refuse the amounts of drink I was putting down.. It has been 3 years and 3 months since I have had a lick of beer and I don’t miss it. This exercise naturally led me to a better place so I have to give it up to the veggies and fruit, they gave me a lot of positive perspective on that one.

A few ideas to finding opportunity to cut out the middle man
Diet : Local / Ethical Sourced Food / Drink (less mass grocers / stores)
Health: Working out on our Earth Gym (less doc, stress, memberships)
Transportation: Bike everywhere or master walking (less gas, cars)
Social: Cooporation and commitment to people (less phones and wifi)
Wear n Tear: Use everything we’ve got till it falls apart (less disposables)
Influence: Question everything, the facts don’t matter if the source is bent.

Quite polarizing to be pushing this message and objectives through industrial mediums - still trying to solve that one, but at least it is a start.. Communication efforts are  done with attempted sparing moderation and reservation in hopes to slowly build a more natural rhythmic cadence that matches our days and nights. Moving with the elements.

Jane in Palma - Safety Net LP
Signed, numbered and sealed 190 copies available
Red / Pink marble 140gm 12” 33 long play
Singed / Edition almost invisible written insert
SFR Monolith patch
Every ten records has a bonus patch / sticker
Outer protective heavy weight PVC sleeve

This album instigates human sustainability through consciousness and independence, a reminder that the facts don't matter if the source is crooked… and to question everything. I am drawn toward expressing observational interpretations, opinions on social and economic issues, distortions of reality and perceived normality across a variety of mediums and techniques. Within these narratives I explore ways to connect with people through stories, conversations and emotional exchange.

In order for us to move forward socially and spiritually I feel we need to connect back to nature through offline living - by letting go of the majority of our mobile and digital obsession that perpetuates a false and abbreviated version of reality. Engaging through awareness and appreciating our environment is an experience far more sustainable than relying on manufactured material and mobile media to be responsible for our actions and emotions.
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