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Jane In Palma - Primitive Thoughts [1001]

Jane In Palma - Primitive Thoughts [1001]

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Label: Snake Free Roofing

This album was recorded over the course of a year between two caves, an empty cove and a countryside finca on the island of Mallorca. The summer days were long and hot. The winter nights were longer, cold and damp. Libby, Herbes Seques and a contained fire kept me company. It was experimental in process, strictly interpreting my surroundings and emotions involved with the inescapable solitude of this address-less residence.

Primitive Thoughts is part of a series of visual works called ‘Croupier’, a concept focusing on the aftermath of losing everything to a storage fire in Venice beach and the subsequent recreation process of new works on an Island in the Balearics.

Proceeds of this album go directly back in to the studio - rebuilding a lost record collection - and future productions.

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