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Hypho - Muharib EP [WHEELYDEALY80]

Hypho - Muharib EP [WHEELYDEALY80]

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 Label: Wheely Deal 

HYPHO joins the Wheel & Deal camp with his debut HYPHO joins the Wheel & Deal camp with his debut MUHARIB EP available on limited vinyl and digital.

‘MUHARIB SKANK’ is a haunting street anthem. It's laid back flow but aggy vibe is laced with street samples and vocals. The combination of minimal Half Step beats, stabbing synths, rib shaking bass and street slogan ‘Don’t piss me off!’ is infectious. The word Muharib means ‘Warrior’ in Arabic, setting the scene perfectly for the rest of this solid EP.

‘AFFEKTION’ is the track that first drew N-Type’s attention. LLush, laid back melodies, trickling drill beats and distant oriental style synths makes this perfect listening at home, on a long journey or at a club to break up a set.

‘MOODY MARGE’ is another haunted dub roll out, continuing the laid back smoked out theme of the EP. HYPHO shows off his talent for executing deep, spacious, minimal Dubstep with catching melodies and bass.

‘MS20 SKANK’ is a rave dub skanker! Heavyweight bass drop, Dub samples, echo’s and delays, make this impossible not to move to! This one is a great track to start your set with to get the crowd skanking out! This is half step dubstep at it’s finest and concludes HYPHO’S debut EP on WHEEL & DEAL RECORDS.

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