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Gosub - Cosmic Cannibals [ISO-108EP]

Gosub - Cosmic Cannibals [ISO-108EP]

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Label: Isophlux 

For over 20 years Gosub has brought us his brand of classic electro cuts, so it was really interesting to see his techno mind in action on “Cosmic Cannibals”. Though out this release Gosub drapes soul across the Detroit fueled 808/909 foundation though out this vinyl release.

Starting with “The Depth Charge” a dark dimensional warping bass and a synth that cuts through the darkness sounding like if Charlie Parker designed a synth a definite for repeat. Full 909 in effect on “The Way Home II” with heavy toms an high Ph acid lines provoke the listener to pay further attention to the details in this track.

On the B-Side “The Ratio” which features New York’s Preston Fulwood on vocals and keys brings in the funk infused to Gosub’s more familiar electro beats we find really rewarding. This track is brings the funk and jazz while Preston’s vocals make you want to sing and find your own soul. The ending’s dark vocoder reminds the listener that “This is just your virtual reality”. Preston & Gosub makes you want more of this future sound. Lastly, “Omni Presence” grounds us again with low swung 303 baselines grinding against a straight 4 on the floor beat while supporting synths carry on with their own conversation. Be warned.

We hope you enjoy this analog recording.

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