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Goat Girl - On All Fours [RT0154LP]

Goat Girl - On All Fours [RT0154LP]

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Label: Rough Trade 

The politics running through Goat Girl’s music most frequently stem from a personal place, often drawing on aspects of this very conundrum. Unfortunately for women and non-binary people, many of life’s unsavoury interactions come with this same political undertone, grounded as they are in sexism and inequality. The weight of this is often exhausting, and frequently Goat Girl capture this same sense of moving through the world, as a woman or non-binary person, and being constantly watched. A weighty sense of being constantly consumed hangs over their debut record. Just take a song like ‘Creep’ (which recounts being leered at by a stranger on the train), the judgemental eyes that glare through the heart of ‘I Don’t Care Part 1’ or the twanging ‘Country Sleaze’.

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