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Gang Starr - Step in The Arena

Gang Starr - Step in The Arena

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Gang Starr’s sophomore album, 1991’s Step In The Arena that reached classic status upon release, is reissued on 2LP 180 gram black vinyl.

MC Guru and DJ Premier were one of the most influential MC-and-DJ tag-teams of 90s hip-hop despite being overshadowed by other ensembles who experienced crossover success. Even with their underdog status, Gang Starr  laid the blueprint for grassroots hip-hop and stayed true to their mission of being “dedicated ministers of underground sound”.

Originally released on 15 January 1991, Step In The Arena took the template set by No More Mr Nice Guy and perfected it. At a time when gangster rap was ruling the airwaves, Gang Starr’s lyrical prowess and hard-hitting truths somehow felt even more cutting.

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