Fin Diesel - Ballistocardiograph EP [VTR006]
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Fin Diesel - Ballistocardiograph EP [VTR006]

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Label: Vapour Trail Records 

We're not quite sure who Fin Diesel is - whether it matters or not is open to debate - but his (or her) first outing on Vapour Trail is a bit of a treat. Pressed to luscious purple vinyl, it sees the producer explore a range of retro-futurist electro sounds with one ear-pleasing diversion to intergalactic house territory (the rather good analogue jam that is 'Boom Tube'). Our pick of a stellar bunch is undoubtedly deep electro opener 'Action Figurine' - all sustained, spacey chords, beat-box drums and squelchy synth sounds - though plenty of others may prefer the rubbery and more melodious flipside opener, or the warming, synth-funk inspired deepness of 'Galaxia'.