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Fields - Intention Dub EP [CIAQS01]

Fields - Intention Dub EP [CIAQS01]

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Label: C.I.A.

Fields, Break, Villem & McLeod produce a heavyweight formula throughIntention Dub’, an energetic roller which flips between its ingenious use of instrumentals and flicking bass stabs. Its beginning drum rolls create a formation of what’s to come from such a formidable outfit of artists, warming up the track for its full audio assault as it breaks. Takashi’ moves forward with the help of Forren, kicking into play amongst cackling snares and lunging kick drums. FollowingTakashi’ is Full Court Press’, drawing in the straight-cut production style and methodically chiselled compositions which make this EP such a stand out offering.


The like of Fields’ and Mako’s Price of Imagination’ pushes you through thoroughly built channels with shifting under layers of hi-hats and shattering snare. Its bassline provides a throbbing undercurrent, which offers a weightier edge. Villem then joins Fields for their next collaboration Kryos’, which is stepped down but still states it presence with every clambering break. City Soul’ is an individual release from Fields focusing on the same percussive atmosphere and it streams throughout its mix. It sets a backdrop for early mornings and late night sets, drawing for the minimalistic style which has helped propel his career. One prevalent throughout his Intention Dub’ EP.

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