Empress Market: The Grand Trunk Road Supper Club
Empress Market: The Grand Trunk Road Supper Club
Empress Market: The Grand Trunk Road Supper Club
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Empress Market: The Grand Trunk Road Supper Club

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24th August Menu

Afghanistan Aushuk 
tomato and chive dumplings 

Chapli Kababs & Peshawari Naan
spiced mutton mince fried kababs, mini leavened flatbreads with coconut and dried fruit

Pindi Chanaa 
tea infused black chickpeas

tender beef, aromatic almond gravy, served with tandoori naan

Veg option: kachori Tarkari 
crispy fried dumplings made of milled lentils, served with potato stew

Allahabad masala churmuri, 
Mango ombal
spiced puffed rice, mango pickle

Bangladesh bhapa doi, Sandedh mithai, sweet boondi
steamed yoghurt rose pana cotta, condensed milk fudge, gram flour pearls dipped in palm sugar syrup 

The Grand Trunk Road supperclub is a culinary journey along the ancient trade route in South Asia.

Each dish traces the steps of the merchant caravans journeying across South Asia, from Kabul, Afghanistan, through northern Pakistan, across India, to settle at the most eastern edge of Bangladesh in Teknaf. 

The menu features the culinary specialities along the route that have evolved through the migration of people and their food, shaping the dinner tables across the larger Asian sub-continent. Each dish recounts tales of the subain (regions) along the way, capturing their sense of place and history. 

The dining experience will reflect the unique styles of service at each resting station en route. Communal eating from sharing platters is what brings people together here where strangers from diverse communities congregate for their dinner.