Eaves - What Green Feels Like [HVNLP116]
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Eaves - What Green Feels Like [HVNLP116]

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Label: Heavenly Recordings

Joseph Lyons, better known by his moniker Eaves, has released the best folk album of the year. The main reason behind it is all the little moments that feel far removed from folk and yet blend in perfectly. Growing up listening to grunge and prog as much as folk, he’s drawn on a broad range of influences. The vibrancy of his musical palette is what makes his debut album so stunning. ‘Dove In Your Mouth’ has dark flashes of Alice In Chains, ‘As Old As The Grave’ pairs Bon Iver style harmonies with some interesting drum fills and ‘Purge’ adds some slick blues into the mix. Lyrically the songs mostly consist of lines that sound amazing, even though the meaning behind them is unclear. Album highlight ‘Pylons’ is a prime example: “Dreamers talk in two’s and three’s/Lovers walk with grass stained knees/From tall cities to the past stained leaves in the valley”.

  • Tracklist:

  • Pylons

  • Dove In Your Mouth

  • Spin