DJ Seinfeld - Mezcalita EP [YEM005]
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DJ Seinfeld - Mezcalita EP [YEM005]

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Label: Young Ethics 

DJ Seinfeld continues to prove he is more than just a silly name and flash-in the-pan producer riding a wave of lo-fi hype with this glistening retro-future gem on Young Ethics. 'Dreams Of U & Me Above The Mezcal Moon' is all uplifting 80s chord work, trance like emotions and innocent synth grooves that scream to be played in hot weather.


'Love Down' is a more club ready tune where house, post-rave and Balearic all meet, and 'Through That Feeling' is a lush adult lullaby with dreamy pop vocals and nagging bass. 'Miami Sunrise' sends you home on a wave of nostalgia for a time you never actually lived.